Internationally recognized Huda Hashim describes her artwork as a melting pot of compositional forms influenced by abstract expressionism and storytelling. Huda blends colors like the diverse people into one through assimilation and integration. Her goal is to enrich a nation with diverse art. Huda believes the power of color and expressive brushstrokes depict every visual and emotional story she wants to tell.

The Process:

- Fill out our Commission Request form

- We schedule a call or speak via email in regards to colours, mood and if there is anything meaningful you’d like me to incorporate in an abstract form.

- If needed, we create a digital mock up for us to finalize the painting before we begin. Once it is confirmed, a $100 deposit is required to confirm your place in line.

- We will send progress pictures and videos while working on your masterpiece. Always feel free to reach out as this is a fun and collaborative process. I’m super friendly and patient.

- Once you absolutely love it, We will request the final amount and ship it out to you with a tracking number.

- Enjoy your painting made with love and send us a picture!

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